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Endorsements of a different kind.

Professional musicians as field testers are taken very seriously at Sommer cable because we depend on their honest opinion. Famous musicians are at an advantage because they typically hang out with an entire team of highly talented technicians who have very fast access to innovations and can voice suggestions for improvement as well as critique. This all benefits the quality of our products and we are very happy to have met these great people at gigs, through friends, and even in person. You will find that these people – if you should have the opportunity to get to know them personally – are very likable and down-to-earth, and that we are a great match. At Sommer cable we would like to say thanks to all these great musicians, photographers, bands, and managers for their uncomplicated cooperation. As a special service you can download the current tour dates or read up on the latest news about them on our website at any time.

On this page you will find a small excerpt of friends and users who are always willing to help us out with their expertise.

Jochen is a very likable guy from right around the corner. He is wellknow as a professional backline technician for such illustrious bands as Fanta 4, Farin Urlaub, Sasha and Tokio Hotel. He also acts as stage manager at successful events, such as the New Pop Festival and the Radio Energy Music Tour. Jochen is responsible for planning technical events that are often frequented by up to 40,000 visitors. In doing his work, he relies on SOMMER CABLEs and our SYSBOXX, which he also took along on the latest tour of Tokio Hotel. So, our SOMMER CABLEs played at sold-out events in France, where Tokio Hotel celebrated great successes. Further information about Jochen is available on his website !