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Focus on the sound, this has been Sommer cable’s credo for a long time. And that’s why we have given our basic knowledge – the basics – an individual, personal touch and a characteristic look in the shape of our new connection cable series. This has resulted in two solid and attractively priced product lines: BASIC for beginners and BASIC+ for advanced users. Whether you’re a musician, DJ, sound engineer or homerecording amateur – good basic equipment needn’t be overly expensive. The best thing is to see for yourself:

The compact cable series for the DJ, homerecorder and ambitious musician!

Compact, light and easy on your wallet is this new, visually attractive series of ready-made connection cables made by Sommer cable and HICON in two different designs. Owing to automation and a modern assembly, we can offer them at highly competitive prices. Both for the BASIC and the BASIC+ variant we rely on our own high-quality bulk cables with robust and cold-flexible soft PVC and electrical specifications as required by professional users. While the BASIC+ series is fitted with already existing quality connectors from HICON with a metal shell and chuck-type strain relief, we developed completely new designs for the BASIC variant with a light and robust “soft grip”. With these new series we offer light-weight and space-saving connection cables, optimized for compact DJ mixing consoles, desk synthesizers and tablets.

• Perfect cable connection for keyboards, home cinema systems, desktop synthesizers and tablets
• Compact connection with color code option for DJ mixing consoles
• Reliable and shielded connection for active studio monitors and computer speakers
• Cost-efficient and light cable connections for patchbays and racks
• Durable lines for permanent installation

• Light, compact, temperature-resistant cable connections
• Color coding (6.3 mm jack plugs and XLR connectors)
• High-quality plug contacts with thousands of mating cycles, identical with the HICON Pro-Audio and Broadcast versions
• Insulated solder contacts in connectors and Y-splices
• Genuine gold-plated tips or pins
• Competitive sales prices due to a modern, automated production process
• 5-year-warranty

Here comes a first range of the BASIC and BASIC+ cables available from October 2018. Other configurations and lengths will be available on request!

A detailed interview about the development of the cable series can be found here.