The Hamburg Blues Band

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St. Pauli Blues: the sound of the 60s has now boomed for years, and just about as long five guys have been touring through overcrowded clubs who, beyond any doubt, belong to the creme of Europe’s blues scene. THE HAMBURG BLUES BAND stands for an intense, cleverly arranged and, played live, a mind-blowing roots blues which gets purists staggering mentally time and again. For the company around singer Gert Lange, who is often compared to Joe Cocker, mixes bare-knuckle guitar bluesrock with soul, classic rhythm’n blues, boogie and even occasional ventures into jazz sceneries with as much joy of playing as they are aware of tradition.

The lineup of the HBB reads like a “Who is Who“ of the European music scene: guitarist, singer, songwriter and Woodstock veteran Miller Anderson, who had already been playing since the 60s with all top bands of the international music scene (Ian Hunter, Keef Hartley Band, Savoy Brown, Stan Webb’s Chicken Shack, Mountain, T-Rex, Donovan, the Spencer Davis Group, Mick Taylor, Roger Chapman and Jon Lord, Deep Purple); drummer Hans Wallbaum, who for years had been sitting behind the kit for Ruhrpott rocker Stoppok, was formerly booked for the drums by Chuck Berry, Interzone and Marius Müller-Westernhagen; shouter Gert Lange used to work with the Rainer Baumann Band, Stoppok, Inga Rumpf, Jack Bruce and Zoot Money; and Michael Becker (Spooky Tooth, Lake, Die Antwort) on bass.


08.12. Kellinghusen, Ulmenhofschule
14.12. Melle, Kulturwerkstatt
15.12. Torgau, Kulturbastion
19.12. Marburg, KFZ
20.12. Berlin, Quasimodo
21.12. Braunschweig, Barnaby´s
22.12. Worpswede, Music Hall
04.01. Koblenz, Café Hahn
05.01. Garching, Gasthaus zum Bräu
07.01. A-Salzburg, Rockhouse
11.01. Hamburg, Downtown Bluesclub
12.01. Schwerin, Speicher
17.01. Bonn, Harmonie
18.01. Bensheim, Musiktheater Rex
19.01. Affalter, Zur Linde
20.01. Dortmund, Piano
22.01. A-Linz, Arbeiterkammer
25.01. Oldenburg, Charly´s
22.02. Hannover-Isernhagen, Blues Garage
08.03. Bordesholm, Savoy
28.04. A-Wien, Reigen
01.05. Nürnberg, tba
02.05. Dudenhofen, Festhalle
03.05. Ravensburg, Zehntscheuer
04.05. Offenbach, KJK Sandgasse
08.06. Mützingen, Mützingenta

*to be continued....