Adding spice to your routine: push-to-lift in our desk connection panels

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The SYSBOXX product family expands. After the market launch of the SYSTRUNK duct system and the SYSBOARD wall housings, the range is now upgraded by the SYSDESK desk connection panel with push-to-lift mechanism and the SYSFRAME50 connection panel.

The convenient SYSDESK-GFA push-to-lift mechanism can be ordered pre-installed or retrofitted on all SYSDESK models available since 2012. It allows the housing to be opened and shut by only a light finger push. The mechanism will slide up completely without electric support and lock again automatically.

Owing to the integration of SYSWALL50 modules, the new SYSFRAME50 stainless steel connection panel is the perfect solution for the installation sector. Here, too, a push-to-lift mechanism allows the connections to be flush-mounted conveniently into the desktop. Two permanently integrated Schuko outlets and the option to fit up to four SYSWALL50 modules enable a multitude of connection variants.

Both SYSDESK and SYSFRAME are supported by an optionally available cable management tray which allows a simple and flexible laying of cables. The integrated mounting bracket for the assembly under installed SYSDESK modules makes additional claddings or holding constructions dispensable. Thus even complex wirings, e. g. of signal extenders, can be invisibly laid.

For editors, here is the corresponding press release including Word document and image data for web and print.